Living in Toronto, we always found it hard to find brands and products that shared our commitment to human rights, equality, and fair wages. We had to do a lot of reading to determine whether the items we purchased aligned with what we believed in. With that in mind, we created Yesethics to make it easier for Canadians to find and support local businesses.


Yesethics is a one stop shop, where you can quickly access ethically made products across different categories. We feature multiple small businesses and vendors who share our values. They are passionate about creating high quality products, with practices that are good for the people and our planet.


All of our brands are required to adhere to our strict guidelines, and are required to attest to various good business practices. In addition to this, we do our own research, to keep your experience as a shopper as easy as possible. With Yesethics, you know what you’re getting.


Which each high quality item that you purchase from a small business, our homes and hearts become more “yesethically” pleasing and we make our world a better place.